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thank you for partnering with us


This ministry is funded by God's people.

Your gifts and prayers enable us to fulfill our ministry calling in Israel.

Paypal or Western Union


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Wire Transfer

Bank Leumi Le Israel B.M.   Branch: King George

Address: 22 King George St,  Jerusalem 94262 Israel

SWIFT code / bic / tid: LUMIILITXXX

Routing #: IL010902

Account #: 902 02009025

Account name: Tikvah and John Ott

Otts address:  59B Moshe Kol, apt. 2, Jerusalem 9371561 Israel

from Europe - IBAN #: IL31 0109 0200 0000 2009 045​

Israeli Praise and Dance to GOD ~ Hallel ve Rikud Israeli le Elohim ~ הלל וריקוד ישראלי לאלוהים
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